21 maart 2012

Two very interesting morphologies

The site I am working on is located on a waterfront parcel, in between two distinct morphologies that govern the urban fabric of Red Hook. By studying the qualities of both forms I hope to deduct design elements for the community empowerment center. 

18 maart 2012

"Honey, I shrunk Red Hook"

Red Hook "Mindmap"

This image shows a conceptual interpretation of the neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. It displays the different layers, fragments and morphologies that are present in the ubran fabric: two bordering conditions, two distinct typologies of the built environment with a transition between them, the grid structure and several anomalies.

9 maart 2012

120224, Thesis Title & Abstract

A community empowerment center on red hook’s waterfront
Red Hook is a small neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY that has been shaped historically by different actors, resulting in an urban fabric that is isolated both physically and socially. On one hand there is an intriguing waterfront once dominated by warehouses and large scale infrastructure that connects Brooklyn to the larger metropolitan area. On the other hand there is a fragmented community that has to deal with high poverty rates, unemployment, a lack of facilities and gentrification phenomena. A community empowerment facility located on a waterfront parcel will provide a place for education, recreation and rehabilitation, building upon community involvement, social interaction and instructional programs. Through a mixture of program, atmosphere and relations between spaces, the willingness of the community to improve life conditions will become tangible on a location that has always been excluded to the neighborhood. 

5 december 2011

111125, Presentation on Red Hook

This presentation summarizes the work done so far on the relatively small neighborhood of Red Hook in Brooklyn, NY. Despite being smaller than most Brooklyn neighborhoods, it can be seen as a very diverse area both socially and spatially. We try to understand the current conditions through an extensive historical analysis and by defining the "traces" that remain in the urban tissue. Then we looked at how (or if) this relates to the division of different social groups in the neighborhood. Lastly, we've discussed a few future strategies that could reinstate Red Hook as a valuable port asset.