6 september 2011

"Building, Dwelling, Thinking", 1951

"Heidegger trusted human beings more than the proponents of Modernism did. To him we human types are manifest, warts and all; we revel in untidiness. Dwelling is not about living in a house; for us dwelling is a verb and the centre of everything we do. To dwell is not static - it is on the move and even when it stops its journey it is rarely still. It is there before we journey and there when we arrive, it is not place-specific. A good home is where we make it, it is where we lie."

dwelling |ˈdweliNG|(also dwelling place )noun (formal)a house, apartment, or other place of residence
DERIVATIVESdweller noun [ in combination ] city-dwellers
Old English dwellan lead astrayhinder, delay (in Middle Englishtarry, remain in a place)of Germanic origin; related to Middle Dutch dwellenstun, perplex and Old Norse dvelja delaytarry, stay.

Dwelling & Architecture - From Heidegger to Koolhaas, Pavlos Lefas, 2009, Berlin

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