6 september 2011

"To be, to dwell, to build"

"Heidegger places great weight on language, which he regards as not only a tool for communication between human beings, but principally as a means of bringing beings to appearance and of revealing their essences. In doing so, he carefully weaves the tissue that connects dwelling with building and the Being of humans... bauen, buan, bin."

"Building is not simply the process of constructing buildings. They belong to dwelling in the sense (as proposed by Heidegger) that it is the prime means for human beings to integrate themselves in the fourfold (the four components of man's world: earth, sky, mortals, divinities)"

"To build is in itself already to dwell."

Dwelling & Architecture - From Heidegger to Koolhaas, Pavlos Lefas, 2009, Berlin

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